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Hiring a handyman. 

Old School Handyman is not your average handyman service. We believe in clean, effective, cost-efficient work, and in doing things right the first time. Our founder, Martin, is hands-on with every single project. We are highly skilled in a large range of handyman services, ranging from general repairs and home improvements to painting, drywall repairs and drywall installations, roof repairs and waterproofing. We can also assist with plumbing work, electrical work, home carpentry, sheetrock and crown moulding.

There is no job or task too big or too small for us to handle, whether it involves the interior or exterior of a property. On a smaller scale, Old School Handyman is always ready for “odd jobs” or “fix-up” tasks that you might have around the home or office. For example, we can help you with plumbing jobs, like fixing a leaking toilet, or electrical jobs, like changing a light fixture.

We are also equipped for larger projects that require more planning and skills, like home improvements and renovations and construction tasks.


Why hire us instead of trying to do it yourself? 

People often opt for DIY projects instead of hiring a handyman because of the freedom that comes with not asking for help, as well as the perceived idea of saving on costs. While this might seem appealing, the risk of not using an expert is often much higher.

DIY home improvement projects often lead to mistakes that can end up costing more to repair or plans that are abandoned halfway through because of frustration or a lack of expertise.
If you are struggling to decide between hiring an expert handyman or taking on repair responsibilities by yourself, perhaps consider the questions below:

Do you have the time and work ethic to finish the project?

Time is often the biggest challenge when it comes to finishing DIY projects around the house. Even with the right skills and expertise, life often gets in the way, and this results in half-done projects.

Hiring a professional means you are guaranteed a certain level of dedication. You and the professional handyman can also agree on fixed deadlines that have to be met. Instead of relying on your own dedication, a professional contractor is contractually obliged to complete the project.

Do you own the tools necessary complete the project?

Some home improvement projects might only require basic tools such as a hammer and nails. Others, however, may get significantly more complicated and require a lot more work.

Using the correct tools can save a lot of time and money, and ensure that the job gets done right. Your specific home improvement project might require the use of specialised tools and equipment. Purchasing these tools will end up increasing the overall cost of the project.

Are you aware of the safety risks involved in the project?

The worst outcome of any DIY project is being wounded while on the job. Injuries are far more likely to occur when the individual completing the project is inexperienced and unfamiliar with the tools required to complete it.

An expert handyman has all the necessary training and experience to ensure complete safety when conducting projects and working with complicated tools and equipment.

We are here!

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These are just some of the services we offer in Pretoria:

Bathroom renovations
Building work
Ceiling repairs
Door and window installations
Drywall installations
Drywall repairs
Gate automation
Roof repairs
Home improvements
Painting contractors
Wall painting